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We have new Label of the Month labels designs generally based on suggestions from our great customers.

Now the Label of the Month selections are listed with the discount included, no more coupon needed.

Label of the Month labels are offered at $2.99, that’s a dollar off the regular price!

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Christmas Labels are on SALE!

A simple SALE on all of our Christmas Canning Labels! We hope that everyone has...
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Get my FREE report, “Compost -Food For Your Garden”

Are You Willing To Follow Discover The Secrets Of Great Organic Gardening Through Using Compost...
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New Label of the Month for August

We have a new Label of the Month for August!  This label design came to us as a suggestion...
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Our 1776 sale ends this weekend!

If you have been wanting to buy our canning labels using our 1776 sale coupon, it’s time...
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Comment from one of our Great Customers

Rebecca, I have been using your labels for quite awhile. They are perfect. I like them over...
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Our shipping costs are so low!

Did you know that our shipping costs beat just about every other provider on the Internet?

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There’s still time to cash in on our 1776 sale!

Our 1776 sale has been a terrific success!  Lot’s of customers have saved 17.76% on...
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A Lotta Labels has a new Home page look

A Lotta Labels has a new Home page! We are excited to have a new look, We now have the...
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A Lotta Labels is Celebrating Independence Day with our 1776 sale all month!

A Lotta Labels is Celebrating Independence Day! Celebrate with us by using our 1776 sale...
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Labels in use from an awesome customer!

One of our awesome customer’s loves our canning labels! A Lotta Labels canning labels in...
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We have 2 new LOM for June 2016

Here we are gearing up for the summer busy season and are happy to present 2 new labels for...
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See What Our Canning Labels Customers Have To Say

We are very please to have such great customers as these!…
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Shelled Green Peas Coming Soon!

Shelled Green Peas Coming Soon! Green peas are one of the early vegetables for the garden...
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Fresh Canned Tomatoes – Who Doesn’t Love Them Widgets CANNED TOMATOES—WHOLE OR HALVED (These are packed raw without added...
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How Much Produce do I Need for Canning?

When you are canning, do you ever wonder how much of an item you will need?  Here’s a...
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New Partner Page from A Lotta Labels

Partner Page from A Lotta Labels We have added a new page listing web stores that we believe...
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Canned Beets

CANNED BEETS—WHOLE, CUBED, OR SLICED This will use the Pressure Canning method. INGREDIENTS ...
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February Label of the Month Canning Label

We have a new Label of the Month for February.  For you Discount Coupon Code visit our...
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CANNED ASPARAGUS—SPEARS OR PIECES Asparagus is one of the early vegetables to break though...
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Why would anyone want to can any kind of food in todays world when just about anything...
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