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A Lotta Labels came to pass, due to the fact that my husband and I are avid gardeners! We had several gardens on our 5 acre plot, in Virginia, and one of our favorites is our vegetable garden.  We have since relocated to the Myrtle Beach area and no longer have the large garden, we now use the famers market to buy vegetables for our canning.

One of the many joys of gardening is being able to plant and harvest, fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits from our garden. Of course, as all gardeners are well aware of, the more you plant, the more you need to harvest! Our favorite means of storing our garden produce is by canning, even though I do freeze and dehydrate some of my fruits and vegetables.

For many years, we have been gave our home canned goods to family, friends, and neighbors as presents for special occasions, or holiday gifts. They have all seemed to enjoy getting our home canning gifts, along with some special sweet breads, or my homemade spaghetti sauce. Another favorite is my husband’s great canned salsa!

I wanted to try and spice up my canning jars with some unique canning labels for gift giving, but was unable to find the right type of canning labels for my gifts.  Using stickers, that adhere to the front of our jars, just adds additional time for us, in having to remove them when they are returned for refills. We canners love spending our time preparing our fruits, vegetables, sauces, and many other foods to fill the jars, but we all would like something that makes our lives a little easier. That is why I decided to design some colorful, decorative, canning jar labels that adhere to just the round lids. No more scraping off old labels from our jars!

We have had numerous request, from our customers, to expand our designs. We now include a section called “Custom Designs” where you can request a design to be used for additional crafts that need labels on the jars. Such as “Cookies in a Jar”. or “ Candles in a Jar”. So we have now made it possible for you to get the design that you are looking for. We hope that these “ lid” canning labels, and the “Custom Design” labels, will help you dress up your canning goods, as well as other craft projects. We have a wide variety of “Generic” labels to chose from, as well as specialty labels. We also have special “Border” labels that you can mix and match, or custom design to fit your own needs. Our goal is to make canning and crafting fun and time saving for all our fellow canners and crafters!

All New Canning Book from Ball

Buy this book now and get the latest information on canning procedures. Many things have changed.

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Time to plant!

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Perfect for small areas, grow your own fruit!

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